Lillian Allen
Dub Poet. Educator. Spoken Word Artist.



1983 Rhythm an’ Hardtimes
1984 The Teeth of the Whirlwind
1987 If You See Truth
1991 Why Me
1993 Women Do This Every Day
1999 Psychic Unrest
2021 Make the World New

Lillian Allen — grassroots artist, cultural activist and university professor — is considered a godmother of rap/hiphop, dub and spoken word. Her work is used across the educational spectrum, encompassing alternate learning contexts from kindergarten to post graduate studies.

Lillian’s highly crafted and empowering poetics forges a contemporary sensibility and springs from a deep well of understanding and rooted knowledge about the cares, struggles, hopes, dreams and the possible futures of women, men and young people – of the textured multiverses we inhabit. Themes of transformation and incisive perspective lace the body of her work.

Lillian Allen’s poem ‘Marshalling McLuhan’ is part of an online exhibition presented by, a collaboration with visual artist Aaron Mitchell. This work is part of the 100th anniversary of McLuhan. Dub Mashup Remix Plunder.

Lillian Allen’s latest collection Make the World New: The Poetry of Lillian Allen, edited by Ronald Cummings was published in Spring 2021 and is part of the Laurier Poetry Series.

Make the World New: The Poetry of Lillian Allen. By Lillian Allen Edited by Ronald Cummings

* Contact your local bookshop to request or order online from your favourite bookseller website. For more info and Canadian/US orders, visit WLU Press

Lillian Allen
Dub Poet. Educator. Spoken Word Artist.


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Lillian Allen

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